Bram Pitoyo

User experience, interaction
& presentation design works

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Rainforest QA

No-code test automation platform.

Firefox for iOS

Led user experience for an upcoming refresh that will streamline look and feel, unify design language, and make the app a better iOS citizen.

Firefox for Android

Started and grew the add-ons programme, led design of search features, migrated UI components to Figma, and helped launch the new app experience.

Firefox Focus

User experience design for Mozilla’s dedicated privacy browser with built-in content blocking and tracking protection.

Firefox Screenshots

User experience design for an in-browser tool to take, save and share screenshots.

Mozilla Add-on Developer Hub

User experience and visual redesign of Mozilla’s add-on management suite


User experience design for a feature to enhance privacy and manage multiple online identities.

Firefox Security Warning Pages

User experience and responsive visual design for security error and malware warning pages.

Sandstone Theme for Bugzilla

User experience design to improve usability of bug entry, viewing and triaging for (arguably) the most popular fork of Bugzilla.

Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub

User experience design for Mozilla’s open web apps management suite

Mozilla Support

Information architecture, user experience and visual design for Mozilla’s knowledge base and support forum

Firefox Flicks

Information architecture and user experience design for Mozilla’s online video contest

Wikimedia Fundraising 2010

Wiki page design and structure for the largest community-edited fundraising on the web.

London. Spot On™

Find the best places to experience, relax, shop and eat in London without sorting through a big list.


A MediaWiki skin designed to encourage editing and make often missable options obvious to new users.

The Next Moore’s Law - Netness: Why Everything Wants To Be Connected

An idea that revolutionizes how future technology works. Presented by Sheldon Renan at The Wanderers Group and Open Source Bridge 2009.


A platform to voice your opinion and have it be heard by your local government representatives in real time.


Furthering understanding between Middle East regions and English-speaking countries through human-augmented Farsi translation.

Please your pixel-hungry eyes with codes that read better

Practical steps to find, customize and design monospaced coding font that’s fit for the screen. Presented at Open Source Bridge 2009.


A secure, extensible e-commerce environment.

From Commons To City Hall

A manual for community managers and organizers to make citywide impact by planning, managing and measuring their creative and technology events.

Creativity And Problem Solving: A Way Of Thinking

Demystifying creativity by thinking of problem diagrammatically. Inspired by a series of lecture by Hideshi Hamaguchi.

A Brief (And Otherwise Secret) History Of Sans Serif Types

A history of letterforms we know and love in 12 slides and 3 minutes. Presented at Interesting Portland.

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